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Melanie & Abhilash’s Wedding @ Hilton Daytona Beach- Part 2

Part 1 of Melanie and Abhi’s wedding was only the beginning of awesome… Take a look at Part 2 and be completely blown away by the awesomer’ness (Yes, I just made that up!) Melanie and Abhi know how to get down in style and they didn’t leave one single cool detail untouched. Now- Now.. I…

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Jessica & Shawn’s Wedding- FBC Lutz/Heritage Harbor G&CC

Isn’t weird the way you know someone indirectly your whole life and never really MEET them till later on in your adulthood. Maybe you went to school with them, attended the same church, worked in the same office building, or followed the same social circles… Well that is Jessica and Shawn. They both attended the…

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Brittany & James’ Wedding @ Sirata Beach Resort, St. Pete Beach

Brittany and James are pretty much a match made in heaven. She is a punctual, organized, productive, wedding- machine and James is a laid back, witty, ‘anything goes’ kinda groom. The timeline for their day was organized and ready to go several months before need be and as one would suspect, her wedding day was…

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Melanie & Abhilash’s Wedding- Daytona Beach Hilton Resort (Part 1)

One word: WOW! In an effort to locate the appropriate adjectives to describe Melanie and Abhi’s wedding weekend, I can not help but simply want to sum it up with- WOW! We have been planning this BIG DAY, right along with Mel and Abhi, for so long and I had so many ideas of what…

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Aubrey & Bobby’s Wedding @ St. John’s Episcopal & The Tampa Club

When we were first contacted by Aubrey to photograph her glam-fabulous wedding, I had no idea what I was getting into, maybe a little of an idea, but not really. I did not realize that I would need a dictionary in really cool acronyms or shortened variations of normal words : ‘Deats,’ ‘Totes,’  ’FAB,’ and…

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