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Elizabeth & Dylan’s Wedding @ St. Mark’s/The Lange Farm, Dade City

Splenda is an amazing discovery, isn’t it? Its like a trillionth the amount of sweetness in the same packet as plain ole sugar. It takes like 5 sugars to match the same amount of sweet of 1 Splenda packet.┬áLiz is pretty much the Bridal form of Splenda, yup I just made that connection, hahaha. She…

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Katie and Justin’s Wedding @ Hollis Gardens, Lakeland

‘Hi!!! Good Morning!! What is this bride doing on her wedding morning??? Ohhhh, just waiting for her magically, wonderfully, epically marvelous FB tag saying something super witty and awesome that describes our bridal/groomal magnificentness from our RADDDDDDD photographers at Jerdan Photography. No Biggie. Its totes norm!’ The above message was how my day began around…

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