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Jennifer & Mike Engagement Part 2- Ybor City, Tampa

This weekend its going down! Jenn & Mike are getting married and I can not be more excited to see all the fun, spunky, really flipping rad details she has dreamed up into her Big Day. Do they look familiar to you… They should… they’re famous you know!? Jennifer is the world renowned food blogger…

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Alesha & Shane’s Engagement- Ft. Desoto Beach, St. Pete

Have you ever met a dead person? How ’bout a thrice dead person? << Meaning: The person is dead three times over. Well I am proud to say I have, his name is Shane. He has been pronounced dead 3 times and he isn’t even in the mid-life crisis stage yet… Isn’t that nuts!!! I…

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Allison & Kyle’s Wedding- Chapel By the Sea, Clearwater Recreation Center

Allison : ‘Would you like an umbrella?’ Me, Danielle: ‘No, Its just barely sprinkling, I’ll be just fine.’ One Monsoon Later, stranded across the street from the Chapel (at the reception site)¬†and saved by Jerry’s gnarly umbrella rocking skills, I was redeemed and thus started the FUN to be had at Allison and Kyle’s wedding….

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Lindsey & Josh’s Wedding @ Lange Farm, Dade City

A wise 80′s Rock musician once said … ‘Its a NICE DAY for a WHITE WEDDING!’ And Lindsey and Josh’s day couldn’t have been nicer! Not necessarily by weather ‘nice’ standards, considering it was a torrential down pour for the first 3-4 hrs, but it was NICE because of the amazing people, love and atmosphere…

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