All things Ang!

I have a friend, her name is Angela. She is full of smiles, laughter and love and has a crazy-unfathomable talent with her hands. She is an artist, I have never seen her wear a beret or snap her fingers in a smoky underground poetry cafe, however I feel pretty confident that she owns such head wear and secretly frequents the occasional back alley, speak easy kinda establishment when given the invitation.

I am pretty sure that I love her, ALOT! We hold each other accountable with our businesses, she uplifts me when I am having tough days (hopefully I offer the same quality of positivity, but I am not sure) and we challenge each other to set our standards highs and create a difference in our different industries. She is currently making some really rad changes to her business web-space at Infinite Planes… so I stopped by for a quick shoot of all things – ‘ANG.’

(Super Special Shout Out to Lindsey Gloger for being her BFF and for introducing us)

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