Allyson & Jaymes Brandon & Lutz Engagement

About five-six years ago or so… I met Allyson for the first time. She was a wee-one.. soon to be out of high school and intimidatingly breath taking (she still doesn’t know how pretty she is till this day)… Shortly after meeting her, she became a part of our family and we quickly became great friends. If I can remember one thing about Ally, in those first interactions.. it was this.. Are you ready? … Jaymes! He was ALWAYS with her.. and they were always happy, giggling, smiling, loving each other… Call it  PUPPY LOVE if you will.. after all those years they are TRUE to that same love to this day. Words can’t describe how much I love this couple and truly appreciate all they have taught me, however younger, they’re love for one other makes me want to LOVE even more! There are more images in this engagement session, because this was two separate sessions… The notoriously awesome field images.. were believe it at not.. at the BRANDON MALL PARKING LOT! A year prior to this session… there was a beautiful field that I wanted to take a couple too.. but shortly after seeing it, they mowed it down.. so you can’t believe how excited I was a year later when the field came back… I immediately got Ally on the books that weekend and I knew they were THE PERFECT FIELD COUPLE! They delivered indeed. Then, about a week later we did their ‘real’ engagement session around their local area in Lutz. Jaymes asked Ally to be his girlfriend on the playground at church (while they were suppose to be supervising the little ones- haha)… and they have been together ever since.  I am sooo honored to be photographing their Barrington Hill Wedding come May.

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