Aubrey & Bobby’s Wedding @ St. John’s Episcopal & The Tampa Club

When we were first contacted by Aubrey to photograph her glam-fabulous wedding, I had no idea what I was getting into, maybe a little of an idea, but not really. I did not realize that I would need a dictionary in really cool acronyms or shortened variations of normal words : ‘Deats,’ ‘Totes,’  ’FAB,’ and her personal favorite ‘Dahlin!’ I did not realize that I was going to become so close with such a wonderful, sucessful, geniunely amazing person and I also didn’t realize she was going to make me pee my pants with laughter so much on her wedding day (don’t go too crazy, I didn’t really go #1 in my under roo’s, but there were several close calls!) Working with Aubrey and Bobby was no different than photographing super close friends…. They were so much fun, so confident in us and so appreciative… Their love for one another, their bridal party and guests was contagious and the entire day was an absolute gift to be a part of.

Their gorgeous day started off at the Sheraton Riverside Hotel in Downtown Tampa and proceeded with their first look at the Bank of America building, where the reception would be held later that evening. Aubrey suggested using the elevator for the first look and it couldn’t have been a sweeter moment to capture. The ceremony was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hyde Park and we were given a very specific instructions about taking pictures: We had to be silent, invisible photo ninja’s for the entire time, and we did as we were told with a little rule bending here and there.:)We then proceeded to The Tampa Club for one of the funnest receptions I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. What a great day full of great pictures! Aub and Bob : You Rock My World!

Ceremony: St. John’s Episcopal Church

Reception: The Tampa Club, in the Bank of America Building

Dress: CC’s Boutique

Hair: Hair By HP, Heidi 813-384-0460

Make Up: Greg Gibson, City of Angel’s Hair Salon, 813-931-1200

Hotel: Sheraton Riverwalk Tampa

Florist: Hamilton’s Florist

Cake: The Housewife Bakeshop

DJ: DJ by CJ

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LaceyNovember 9, 2012 - 3:06 PM

Awesome pictures! They definitely show off Aubrey’s personality:) You look gorgeous Aubs!! And I can’t believe how grown up your cute little nephew is! Congratulations:)

CandiceNovember 12, 2012 - 2:33 PM

These pictures are great! The flashing of the bridal robe and shaving of the under arm pics made me laugh out loud! Aubrey never fails to make people laugh! I love the ring bearer’s sign…such a cute idea!
Congrats!! :)

THE BRIDENovember 14, 2012 - 6:49 AM

Oh… My… Goodness… AKA… OMG!!!! I cannot begin to thank you and Jer for all the patience, laughter, direction, and support throughout the whole wedding process!! You both became two HOTTTT great friends with unexpected twists lurking behind every “photo ninja” opp available…. we had SOOO much fun breaking rules and taking names throughout the whole day!!! You both AMAZED me with the wit and personality you bring with everything you do!!! I cannot begin to explain the grateful wedding party we had as there was never a dull moment nor a picture left without direction… you both surpassed any and every expectation we had (well… Duhh… we knew you’d do that from the get go). I am sooooo happy that our day was captured by the two most amazing photog’s we know… I couldn’t imagine what the day would have been had we not have had our initial Einsteins late night “consultation” OR have been blessed by friends that lead us your way!!! You both are so AMAZINGLY talented!!! I couldn’t have asked for two better peeps (yeah.. You missed that one!!) to have meshed so well with my crazy personality, acronyms, shortening of words…. What can I say??? YOU GET ME… I GET YOU… MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!!!! Thank you again for EVERY thing you have done!!! Cant wait to catch up and see the remaining pics!!!

All our love and continued support,


L i k e   i t   L o v e   i t