Bridal Show Awesomeness!

Jerdan Photography has had the awesome opportunity to participate in some pretty gnarly Bridal Shows recently.. and I realized I have yet to post a showcase on the blog… so guess what??? HERE you GO!

Things to know about Bridal Shows:

1. I absolutely LOVE attending shows. I guess it fills up my ‘New Friends/Networking’ Tank… Meeting new brides and grooms always gives me the opportunity to appreciate what I do THAT MUCH MORE! Plus.. I am such a goof ball… so I have plenty of chances to showcase my doofus’ness to the world!:)This also includes meeting new vendor friends!

2. Jerry is the best husband in the ENTIRE WORLD! I definitely hold the title of Sales/Communication/Front Lady in our business, even though ‘Dan’ is at the end of the name, but I’m not bitter.:)He will get up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn and go set up our monstrously amazing booth for me and then I get to meet all the new people and introduce them to his FACE! Yes, you heard me right!… I have done this the past three shows and it is such a great Ice Breaker… Since so many people have asked what does ‘Jer-Dan’ means… I had his face printed a gazillion times, cut them each out by hand  and give my new found business and bridal friends the opportunity to meet my shy other half and take a pic with Jer.. as a contest… Silliest, G-rated, picture gets a prize after 2 days. The first show I did this at.. he didn’t know.. but now he has full knowledge and just runs with it.. (Secretly, in his sweet, tender, heart of hearts… I think he really likes it… and that is why I LOVE HIM!)

3. My creative/wee-bit rebellious ways get the best of me for shows like this one. The wedding industry can be cut-throat at times..My goal is grab the attention of the brides that can appreciate creative, non-traditional and plain ole fun people…. so I do my very best to showcase my work, marketing and style in out-of-the-box ways that will leave a LARGE impression on the new friends I meet. If I am told that I am required to wear a name tag on show day.. I can’t just buy a lanyard and throw a piece of paper in a re-invented pocket protector… HECK NO! I get scrabble pieces and with the wonderfully Magical adhesive qualities of hot glue.. I create a NAME TAG MASTERPIECE (<<right click on the link & ‘Open in New Window’)!

With all that said.. I hope you enjoy my sweet baby (aka my booth) It took me a year and a half to design and feel completely in Love with this set up.. and this weekends show, was its last hoo-rah! We are going to create an even GNARLIER set up for 2013 shows.. I can’t wait to start brainstorming.

(PS- None of this would be possible without my amazing support system: Allyson and Katie bring the good looks and saavy people skills, Jaymes and Marc for helping Jerry with the manly, sweaty stuff, and Lin-Lin, Caitlyn, My Madre and brother for folding 18 trillion fortune tellers… I love you all and wouldn’t be able to do a single thing without you guys)


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