Double Trouble Senior Session- Tanner & Annie, Downtown Tampa

Tanner Biles has been a face in our rolodex of life for the past 4 or 5 years now. His family is a great family friend of the Calhoun’s and we have shared many’a family get-together with him present. We’ve also gone on many family trips to Daytona with the Biles crew and this is what I have learned about Tanner up to this point… I hope you have your note taking tools ready? 1. Tanner is extremely quiet… like NINJA quiet. You would never even know he was near if you didn’t see his mom, dad and sister… kinda quiet. 2. Tanner is a super hard core runner…. I am pretty sure this LOVE has a little influence from his pretty beastly marathon runner parents. 3. Tanner is true. His heart is genuine and he has a great foundation of his faith and identity, even at this age.

As an added bonus to our wonderful day … his super peppy, amazingly polar opposite to him (however she is also quite genuine,) girlfriend, Annie tagged along. I can easily say that Annie and I spoke more during that two hour long photo session than Tanner and I have in the whole time I have known him.. hahaha! Annie is super nice and super spunky.. to be quite frank.. she reminds me a little bit of … someone I know, and just can’t remember at the moment.;)

They are both going into their Senior Year at Steinbrenner HS in Lutz and were such a blast to hang out with… Highlights of the session: Rain, Lots of Rain. Being super scared of getting kicked off the Port Authority property (refer to the green wall images,) ┬áhaving Annie and Tanner make there best ‘BLAHHHHH’ face and almost talking Tanner’s mom into it, establishing girl rule #18, sparkly black toms and a gnarly fedora, finding the epically-awesome, quaintly-perfect field in the middle of downtown Tampa and almost stepping in the same pile of Dog poo 85 million times, until Tanner’s innovative thinking covered it up with a cup to keep me from impending poo-doom.

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ashleyAugust 17, 2012 - 3:25 AM

This looks like so much fun! What a cute session!

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