Elizabeth & Dylan’s Engagement @ Ft. Desoto Beach

Did you know that Jerdan Photography accepts endorsements? Yup- Its true… Kellogg’s is the only cereal company Jerdan Photography will consume for breakfast before weddings, portrait sessions, trips to the beach, days off, before church, or even the occasional late night Jer-bear snack time… Cha- Yeah: we are hard core, but do you blame us…. Or at least we thought we were being endorsed, when Elizabeth and Dylan arrived at their engagement session with a HUGE BAG full of super top secret new Kellogg’s awesomeness! Not only were we showered with Carb-Goodness, the whole entire time we were praised and uplifted and encouraged by these two… (In fact, as I am writing this, I just realized the recent trend of really flipping amazing couples that have filled our professional life’s with so much love and positivity- Thank You ALL!)

Fun Fact about these particularly giddy-love-smitten folks- We met just a few days shy of them moving their lives all the way up to Washington D.C.! Talk about perfect timing right!? And boy am I thankful, because there is just something absolutely contagious about hanging around them, for even a short moment, that makes your heart float in your chest. I believe the appropriate medical term, discovered off the native coastlines of Hawaii, for this contagious disease is Heartfloatawaya. She is such a genuinely happy lady, when she smiles she doesn’t hold back and will even add in a cutesy little nose scrunch from time to time, that just melts my camera lens… and Dylan complements her so well with his super sharp wit and romantic, genuine heart.. In a nutshell: they are perfect & I love them!

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