Elizabeth & Dylan’s Wedding @ St. Mark’s/The Lange Farm, Dade City

Splenda is an amazing discovery, isn’t it? Its like a trillionth the amount of sweetness in the same packet as plain ole sugar. It takes like 5 sugars to match the same amount of sweet of 1 Splenda packet. Liz is pretty much the Bridal form of Splenda, yup I just made that connection, hahaha. She is everything that sums up excitement and pure, raw, unfaltering wedding day bliss multiplied by 2 million and 3. When you come into her presence her sweetness radiates straight to your heart. Dylan is just as nice, I can’t call him ‘sweet,’ cause that is not a groom friendly adjective, or so I am told. He compliments her in every way and they both have the most humble, kind hearts I’ve ever known. We were seriously the ones that got the most bang for the buck, cause being present for their excitement was a gift in and of itself.

Their BIG DAY started off at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in New Tampa, with the reception following at the gorgeous Lange Farm in Dade City. They had an amazing selection of super radical vendors that made their day just GLORIOUS! Hope you enjoy their day, as much as we did!

And here are few silly blooper/behind the scene’s pics of the day. As we were taking photos of the girls, before the ceremony, it started to sprinkle and limo driver came running with the life saving, wedding redeeming tool of awesomeness, the umbrella. He was most definitely the MVP for the day. Also check out the horse taking a snack break on Liz’s bouquet, and since there was nothing better to do between the ceremony and the reception, the bridal party decided to utilize the available BBall court for a quick pick up game.

Thanks to all the awesome vendors for your hard work:

Ceremony: St. Mark’s Catholic Church, http://www.stmarktampa.org

Reception: The Lange Farm, http://thelangefarm.com

Hair/Make Up: Michelle Renee Hair and Make Up, http://www.michelereneehairandmakeup.com

Florals: 2 Birds Events, www.2birdsevents.com

Cake: Publix. www.publix.com

Catering: Puff N’ Stuff, http://puffnstuff.com

Candy Bar: Chic Sweets, http://www.chicsweets.net

DJ: Grant Hemond and Associates, http://granthemond.com

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Shannon WiemannJanuary 23, 2014 - 3:18 PM

So lovely!! Do you mind if I ask what times you reserved at the church and Lange farm? We’re looking into the same venues and are trying to figure timing out! :) Thank you!

jerdanJanuary 28, 2014 - 1:27 AM

Hi Shannon. The church was about 30 minutes away from Lange.. but I can find out specific times for this Spring wedding.. if you email me… danielle@jerdanphotography.com :)

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