Football Season has arrived! It’s Time to Brag!

Do you…

1. Have an amazing beautiful family?

2. Look forward to the beginning of Football Season more than any other time of year, including Christmas?

3. Want a really AWESOME WAY to BRAG about your favorite team at your next Game Day Cookout?

Well then you are in luck! For one Week and ONE WEEK ONLY! I will be offering Football Mini’s (before I post my Holiday session schedule for the next two months)…. So Grab the Jerseys, your favorite team swag, maybe a little black under eye streak’age action and lets DO THIS! (I wish I could really emphasize how football’y I am right now… and feel the need to smack some butts and make crazy manly grunting noises – Just saying.. I’m ready!)

The Deats (aka Details, aka ‘The Skinny’:) 

One SUPER RAD 30 minute session on the following dates: 9/16 (3 spots,) 9/18 (3 spots,) 9/19 (3 spots,) 9/20 (2 spots)

3 Digitals

A Really Fun and AWESOME Personalized Image Presentation Meeting

15% off all wall art purchasing at the Image Presentation.

$200 (plus tax) … Pay to book the spot, first come- first serve!


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