Katie and Justin’s Wedding @ Hollis Gardens, Lakeland

‘Hi!!! Good Morning!! What is this bride doing on her wedding morning??? Ohhhh, just waiting for her magically, wonderfully, epically marvelous FB tag saying something super witty and awesome that describes our bridal/groomal magnificentness from our RADDDDDDD photographers at Jerdan Photography. No Biggie. Its totes norm!’

The above message was how my day began around 8am on 2.2.13, Katie and Justin’s Wedding Day. Now, Now… some may think ‘WOW! What a bridezilla!,’ but you would be gladly mistaken for this is simply, 100%, organic and rawly amazing- Katie Ormechea (Or-Mah-Shay.) She’s kinda a Big Deal in my life! I give her top 3 status on my BFFL (Best Friends For Life-duh!) list. Her lovely Groom, Justin, or as we adoringly call him ‘JG’ is kinda a big deal too. I was there to watch there love blossom and bubble over (we all worked at Coca-Cola) from the start..’ish, maybe not the very start, but pretty dang close! OHHH! and before I forget, I’m sure you want to see what sweet loveliness was written about them on their wedding day from yours truly. Welp here you go..

‘Today is the day,
Shout hip, hip, hooray!
KO and JG say ‘I Do’ in a Totes Zegging Happy Kinda way!
We will be there, cameras in toe, and if there are any sweets out J Ca$h will be there fo’ sho!
Can’t wait to see your faces and all your wedding stuff, and give that rad wedding dress a super gnarly fluff!’

(Quick Side Note: ‘Totes’ and ‘Zeg’ are daily vocab words for Katie. ‘J Ca$h’ is Jerry and he ate 1/2 a dozen cookies and 3 cupcakes, but who’s counting really??)

Enough silly business, Katie and Justin are pretty much two of the coolest, cutest, most loving, giving, genuine folks I have been blessed to befriend! They had the raddest, most heart warming, teary-eyed wedding I have ever photographed too. They choose to get married in the super GORG Gardens de Hollis, aka Hollis Gardens in Lakeland. The details were all made with love from various important people in there lives, and even those that were lost and held near and dear to their hearts were still able to participate in the Big Day! Katie’s lifelong best friend, Dane, passed away from cancer a few years back and his mother and sister were a HUGE part of her life. Dane’s Mom gifted Katie with her necklace, created from Dane’s ashes, to hold in her bouquet as she walked down the aisle…. See what I mean now, about teary-eyed, I cried, tears of pure joy all day LONG! Now its your turn! Enjoy!

To Start the New 2013 year off right, I figured.. there is no better wedding couple to begin including a bloopers reel to their blog post… I love it… Particularily the one of Katie Tying her own shoe in her super glam wedding gown… Totally her to the tee! and Also take note of the Little Wayne Bride and Groom to end it off right!

Thank You to all the participating vendors:

Hotel: The Terrace Hotel, Lakeland www.terracehotel.com

Bridal Gown: Jon’s Bridal, Tampa http://www.jonsbridal.com

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal, http://www.davidsbridal.com

Tuxes: Frank’s Formal Wear, http://www.franksformalweartampa.com

Hair/Makeup: Sara and Michelle with www.aqualibridal.com

Flowers: Jayne Giroux, Jaynegiro@gmail.com

Cupcakes: Sweetie’s Delights, http://www.sweetiesdelights.com

Venue: Hollis Gardens, Lakeland https://www.lakelandgov.net/parkrec/HollisGarden.aspx

DJ: Ed with Music and More DJ Service, www.musicandmorefl.com

Catering: Event Solutions Tampa, http://www.eventsolutionstampa.com

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