Katie & Justin’s Engagement, Downtown Plant City

Here is the deal people. The post you are about to read, truly may not entertain you at all (because its a bit of inside-humor)… but it’s my dang business and I literally just cried tears of joy and laughter considering how I wanted to present this engagement session, so do with the words as you will- I am writing what I want.. hahaha… Here are some basic things to know about Katie and Justin:

1. I used to work with them for a very large, very cold and refreshing soda-beverage company, most are familiar with because of its ‘Share happiness’ antics and amazing RED marketing schemes… With that said.. It wasn’t always so cheery and Katie and I didn’t care’y… We made our work life complete.. You know how some people have work ‘spouses’?… well Katie and I had work- ‘absolutely-amazing-couldn’t get enough of each other- and were eternally schemeing trouble and goodness upon all of our team type of friendship.’ There were many a’fella looking to gain Katie’s hand, but she wasn’t looking for any type of suitor… Justin was meant to be from day one! Being apart of their relationship from the start has been such a fun time for me.. When they first started dating.. he was so afraid of getting her in trouble (by being in our area)… he wouldn’t talk to any of us so I took it upon myself to make him a ‘Welcome Package’ filled with wonderful second hand office desk left overs (this included, but not limited to: custom ‘Danielle’ pink camo pencils, still new and in the package, a 2 year old expired Sam’s Card, some bandaids, and many other completely random, found items.) He has been my great friend ever since.

2. Katie has quite the way with words. Rapping is her part time hobby and she has been known in her day for making one heck of a poem.

‘My super special Danielle C:

You are very comical to me, When I come in for the day, I just have to say, You make me feel so full of glee.

Thank you for sharing your joy with us all. We certainly need it within these four walls.

Don’t judge this poem, It’s all over the place. The meter and rhythm are quite a disgrace.

Then again, you ain’t no professional too. I would have used ‘either’ but that wouldn’t do.

For then my rhymes would be bad as well. And that’s not the case, I’m sure you can tell.

Have a super day and a great afternoon. On the way home I pray you get mooned!’


And when she was gone on her day’s off.. It was the worst.. so I did my best and added another verse:


‘My Katherine, Oh such a lady!¬†You’re the best and missed oh so greatly.

When you return I will jump with pure joy, because you sugar doll, are far more entertaining than any office toy.

Let us sing, dance and be soo merry. With you seated snuggly across the way makes things so less hairy.

Justin will be happy too, since you’ve been gone, he doesn’t know what to do.

So Here I am with one last cry… Please come soon, or Young Surely I Will Die!’


Now I am sure you are wondering.. Why the heck do you recall these poems of magical amazing’ness?? OHHHHH because Katie was kind enough to take all of the poems, funnies, quotes, random Creeper Alert spreadsheets, and other drawings and doo dad’s and showcase them in my very own ‘HAP COM’ (short for Happiness Committee) binder. She was also the one to completely aluminum foil my entire desk on my last day there, and on my really bad day.. she came back in super late, after I had left for the day, and filled my desk with about 20 huge yellow smiley face balloons.. Just because.. and you know who else was there for all those fun time… JUSTIN! The man behind it all.. Without them… I wouldn’t be here right now at 2am in the morning considering what my life, career, and business would have been like without their friendship…

They are an amazing pair and did I mention how crazy in love and on fire for Jesus they are… YEA- They are and that’s what makes this union even radder is how divinely placed each and every person, place and thing has been put into their path’s for the betterment of their partnership… Fate is a crazy thing! So crazy amazing that this engagement is only Part 1 of their Engagement Debut… We have another really fun, secret spot we are waiting for the monsoon season to pass before we can capture that.. but in the mean time.. please enjoy the super fun, super cute engagement in Justin’s neck of the woods… Good Ole’ Plant City!


Stay tuned for Part 2 in the near future.. To be continued.

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KatieAugust 1, 2012 - 10:31 AM

I don’t think any words will do…other than simply: I. Love. You.

Ok now that the wee rhyme is done, the “me” in “me” has many other words. Thank you thank you!!! You just made my day. And the feelings of joy and awesomeness you have are mutual!

GeorgiaAugust 1, 2012 - 11:55 AM

LOVE the pictures so much! Kudos to the talented photographers and the lovely couple!

April PattersonAugust 1, 2012 - 6:45 PM

Those poems made me smile:) You are so funny Danielle. I love how all your posts are just you talking out loud! Cute pics:) What is Katie’s last name, I feel like I know her???

jerdanAugust 1, 2012 - 7:33 PM

Haha! Thanks April! Yes, I believe you do… She is great friends with Brittany. She attended The Crossing for quite awhile, before being apart of a new church plant out your way!

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