Lecelle & Ev’s Intimately Fun-TASTIC Wedding @ Hollis Gardens, Lakeland

First things first: I (Danielle) adore my clients. To put it plainly, it requires a very specific type of personality to understand me, to feel comfortable with me and to trust my utterly goofy ways will translate into such amazing moments captured for their eternity. Lecelle and Ev absolutely made Jerdan history! Never in all the weddings that I have shot, have I ever called a groom to his face a ‘Dork’… ha ha ha, but before you start to judge my overall business sense you must know- Lecelle and Ev, well, they are my people, we are cut from the same cloth, and I am most certain it was ‘cheese’ cloth (get it… ‘cheese’, cause I’m cheesy… hehehehe.)  I had a wee- taste of their silly ways at their consultation, but never in a million years would I have anticipated having such a hilarious blast photographing their special day!

Lecelle found us on Facebook and we were stoked to see we had a few mutual friends, thusly we were instant BFFL’s (pronounced ‘Biffle,’ translated to Best Friends For Life, because we have mutual Facebook friends, duh!) At the consultation she gave me the skinny on all things ‘Lecelle and Ev’… how they met in college, how he woo’ed his way into her heart, and how much they loved their daughter, whom I got to play with… Her name is Alina, we are also BFFL’s and she was dressed in the most glorious Yellow Belle Gown one mother (of two young boys and never gets to play dress up,) has ever seen!

Lecelle and Ev intended to get married downtown and meet with Jerry and I immediately following and then they were going to jet on over to the cruise ship for a super rad honeymoon on the sea, however we quickly realized that the RNC was going to deter any Downtown wedding festivities. We were not defeated! She suggested Hollis Gardens and the rest is history. I am so honored to have been apart of their HUGELY intimate and equally amazing and hilarious day… not just because they got married and we took pictures, but because I feel like Jerry and I really grew a great friendship from it all.. and that exceeds all the rest. Congrats you two! I am so excited to be photographing them one more time as a family, with Alina in the next couple weeks.

HUGE Shout Out to Paul Wirth, from Relevant Church, for coming out to Lakeland to officiate the wedding too!

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Lecelle and EvSeptember 7, 2012 - 11:47 PM

Danielle and Jerry

We are SO HAPPY to have had you photograph our intimate wedding! Both of you are amazing at what you do and Ev said, “They came out great and it wasn’t the camera!!” Hahhaha.

April PattersonSeptember 19, 2012 - 7:37 PM

This is a great shoot you guys! I also love what you had to say Danielle:) Love the blue shoes, love the yellow flowers, and I love the pic with the hanging leaves in front (front noise in pics is the best!)

jerdanSeptember 19, 2012 - 9:43 PM

Thanks April! :)

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