Lo & Max Wedding – Tucker Hill Inn B&B Burlington, VT

There is this girl I know.. Her name is Lo… She travels the world and does great things, lives life to the fullest and has quite the library of songs to sing….:)Lo treks across the US on bicycle all the way down to Mexico, lives in Central America (and other places) just cause she wants to .. and does… Spends a few years in NOLA cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina and never misses a beat. Can you imagine the thought that must have crossed my mind, when I get the call that she is engaged???? ‘Holy WHERE IN THE WORLD is she planning to have this wedding?’ haha! Leave it to Lo and MAX (her equally free spirited better half) to decide to have a wedding at the end of January in Vermont!:)Lo planned it all and made arrangements for the closest of friends and family to be present for her winter wonderland wedding.. and immediately after the ‘I do’s’ we went on a 1.5hr long snow shoe hike in the midst of a snow flurry (and in case you all know my lack of overall grace, I only fell once- BE PROUD!) I couldn’t have been more honored to be apart of this wonderful event. Thank you Max and Lo for allowing us to capture your wedding.

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LoMarch 11, 2012 - 4:47 PM

Wow! I made the blog. The photos are awesome!

L i k e   i t   L o v e   i t