Allison & Kyle’s Wedding- Chapel By the Sea, Clearwater Recreation Center

Allison : ‘Would you like an umbrella?’

Me, Danielle: ‘No, Its just barely sprinkling, I’ll be just fine.’

One Monsoon Later, stranded across the street from the Chapel (at the reception site) and saved by Jerry’s gnarly umbrella rocking skills, I was redeemed and thus started the FUN to be had at Allison and Kyle’s wedding. Their Big Day was a Destination Wedding of sorts, having both found love in their hometown of Dunedin, going to school and then moving to Louisiana, they planned their wedding from a far and couldn’t wait for their special day! A Big Day it was, full of lots of fun, unexpected surprises, relocations, dance routines and so much more… Check it out !


Participating Vendors list coming soon!

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Linda CarlisleJuly 22, 2013 - 4:46 PM

great pictures!

Jode Pottorff HansonJuly 25, 2013 - 11:38 AM

Great pictures!

Marsha Mac WilkinsOctober 29, 2013 - 4:11 AM

Pls contact marsha mac Wilkins on facebook…looking to do a photo shoot. ..11/30

Lindsey & Josh’s Wedding @ Lange Farm, Dade City

A wise 80′s Rock musician once said … ‘Its a NICE DAY for a WHITE WEDDING!’ And Lindsey and Josh’s day couldn’t have been nicer! Not necessarily by weather ‘nice’ standards, considering it was a torrential down pour for the first 3-4 hrs, but it was NICE because of the amazing people, love and atmosphere that came from that ‘lucky’ wedding rain storm. Their creative team of vendors ROCKED the house down and the memories created were some of the sweetest and funnest I’ve ever captured. I think I must have cried at least 3-4 times from beginning to end.. I am such a sap, but they were tears of happiness for sure, so that makes it way more AWESOME, right???:)

The sweetest moment for me was at the end of the night Lindsey grabbed the microphone and had her mom come to the front of the dance floor. Something she said really struck a cord with me, she said (I’m paraphrasing of course) ‘We put so much time and effort and money into these weddings and there is never really any specific tribute to the Mothers. They are just as equally involved as the brides in the planning… My mom has been such an amazing help, friend and encourager and I wanted to ask you (as she handed her mom the rose)… ‘May I have this dance!?” NOT A DRY EYE IN THAT PLACE!!!! Everyone was crying and totally invested in that moment.. It was pure and raw and full of so much genuine love and gratitude and appreciation and I practically broke my camera with the water damage I was putting on the LCD screen as I watched through my (tear drowning) view finder at the beauty unfolding before me… Take a moment to see for yourself.

RAD Vendor Shout Outs:

Venue: Lange Farm, Dade City:

Officiant: Jason Sowell

Flowers: Groom’s really awesome MOM!

Cake: Let them Eat Cake, Chef Michael:

DJ and Photo Booth : Chuck Amstone with Solid Gold Entertainment:

Dress: Brides by Demetrios:

Tuxes: Jos A. Bank




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Stephanie and Nicholas’ Wedding @ St. Lawrence Catholic Church/Higgin’s Hall

Gorgeous day it twas for a wedding was May 18th, 2013! Nothing beats a pretty spring wedding and when you have had to plan the entire thing out of state, it makes it all the more AWESOME! Stephanie and Nicholas live in North Carolina and literally met us face to face the day of their I-do’s! The RAD details and the awesome surrounding friends and family couldn’t have made the day more special, I mean come on people… EVERYONE GOT A QUILT in the bridal party… It CAN NOT get cooler (or warmer-lol) than that! I truly loved every second, hope you do as well!:)

Participating Vendor list coming soon!:)

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Stephanie Garay BirnbaumJune 3, 2013 - 11:08 AM

They look amazing!!! I love them all! Thank you so much!

Erica Carter BirnbaumJune 3, 2013 - 11:18 AM

It’s hard to type through the tears of happiness! These pictures are amazing!

Kathy BolenJune 3, 2013 - 1:26 PM

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Lisa BeatyJune 3, 2013 - 3:50 PM

Gorgeous! Great pictures!

Sharleen LeonardJune 3, 2013 - 8:24 PM

Love ♥

Carmel SalamoneJune 4, 2013 - 12:08 AM

Love the pictures Stephanie and Nick! Beautiful wedding for a very special couple!:)

Marilyn HarveyJune 9, 2013 - 4:23 PM

Thanks for sharing Stephanie! I will always remember u as the sweetest young lady with a great love of school and family. All the best to u and hubby! LOL Mrs.Harvey

Bhavna & Dave’s Wedding- Dallas Wedding Photography

Texas: Best known for cattle, big cowboy hats, rolling hills and all around RAD people. Yup, the Lone Star State has always been a personal favorite of mine. We have some really amazing family that live there and when given the call to be apart of Bhavna and Dave’s Wedding Creative Team… we jumped on board as fast as you can say ‘Yeeeeeee-haw!’

We met Bhavna just a short 8 months ago at another wedding… Quite the big deal actually, it was her Brother’s!:) We were lucky enough to be chosen to photograph that wedding and wouldn’tcha know it… Bhavna up and gets engaged shortly after her baby bro’s nuptials. Naturally, because we are such hard core rock stars people are willing to send us around the US for the photo bidding, she called and we answers and said ‘HECK YES!’ The day prior to their wedding Bhavna and Dave celebrated the coolest way ever by getting Henna-fied along side their closest friends and family! What a blast that was and of course I couldn’t refuse the invitation to get some pretty body art for my non-shotting hand (refer to the last photo). Then Wedding Day arrived and it was just lovely, nestled in the backyard of their new home, a wedding was had, and wouldn’t you know that sucker was RAD! Take a peak!

I love these people.. Bhavna and myself rocking the Henna-riffic Pulp Fiction post! and the cute love birds that made this trip happen, with their baby pup! Thanks Melanie and Abhi!

Vendor Infomation to come!



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Katie GenrichMay 14, 2013 - 11:46 AM

Holy gorgeous everything! What amazing photographs that capture this precious couple! Awesome!

Robyn & Angel’s Engagement/Family Session with Mia- Ft. Desoto Beach

Sand, Surf and Sass! That pretty much sums up Robyn and Angel’s hijacked engagement session, by none other than their sweet little girl, Mia! hahahah. Mia has been apart of their wedding day planning since our first consultation, she even got a present for being such a Big Mommy’s helper from us… She is super sweet, super adventurous, super friendly and super sassy!!!  Her ‘Go Getter’ fun spirit totally stole the show for their Engagement/Family Session at Ft. Desoto, but not for long… Her Mommy and Daddy, Robyn and Angel got some fun alone camera time while Jerry entertained her with lots of picture taking.. LOL! Can’t wait to continue to capture your awesome family and Marriage at the NOVA in November:)

Here is the lovely Mia taking the stage, with her awesome photography skills, with her gear assistant, Jerry.

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