Prieto Family Portraits- Ft. Desoto Beach

Lecelle and Ev. Ev and Lecelle. Do they look familiar to you? They should! We recently shot their epically intimate wedding at Hollis Gardens and we were on TV, because of how flipping gorgeous they were (OK! OK! Don’t have a cow, the last part was something I just made up … However they are TV worthy! Don’tcha think?)

A ‘not so little’ known fact about them, they have pretty much the cutest daughter in the entire world (inside and out)… Words can’t describe how excited I am for her and Aiden (our three year old surfer dude) to grow up and one day marry each other… JK Daddy Ev! JK! ¬†She is the center of their universe, the string that ties the pretty hearts together and the free spirit that keeps them always on their toes. Had a blast capturing their sweet family doing what they do best – loving each other up!


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