Renee & CJ’s Engagement, St. Petersburg Engagement Photographer

It is always a great business decision to book couples that are A Lot like you (‘you’ being me, of course.) When I say ‘A Lot like you’ I am referring to a stellar personality, good sense of humor, a certain level of humility, killer swagger & sweet natured, cause we all know I am all these things! Hahaha, I kid, but not really though. CJ and Renee have been an absolute Blast since we met! There isn’t a time, in our chats, where I don’t get a chuckle or full-on belly laugh, from some of the stuff that transpires between us all. To top off their just plain ole’ fun’ness, they are equally quite creative and romantic… For goodness sake, CJ surprised Renee with a cross-continental trip for his proposal… at his favorite Steak Restaurant… that is the ‘killer swagger’  I was referring to earlier.

With all that said, we couldn’t be more elated to be apart of your Rad Wedding Creative Team! Its going to be one for the record books, just wait! 



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