Robyn & Angel’s Wedding @ NOVA 535, St. Petersburg, FL

So much to be said about this amazing couple… Robyn and Angel were the last 2013 wedding we had on the books and boy did they end it on a high note… NOVA 535 is always a great place to bring any celebration to life and with Robyn and Angel’s crowd it wasn’t hard at all… Great fun, laid back, silly, awesome group of people to work with and most importantly : The most relaxed/blinged out couple in the history of Jerdan Photography! It was such a pleasure to laugh, dance, photograph and befriend these amazing people… Check it out for yourself and don’t miss the special ‘Mia’ (the couple’s daughter) segment below.:)

This day couldn’t have been more complete without the 100% complete involvement of the bride and groom’s daughter, Mia… She was apart of every aspect and didn’t skip a beat! I’ve never seen a couple more committed to making their child feel the specialness of their day at the same time, never once forgetting they were not only Bride and Groom, but also Mom and Dad… So many times I watched Robyn and Angel go to Mia’s side and help her throughout the day, fix her dress, give her water, fix her hair… and it was so humbling to see such loving parents acting with selfless, committed love for their child on their BIG DAY!:)Here are a few special moments of Mommy, Daddy and Mia.

… AND Mia was easily the coolest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing… not only does she LOVE to be in front of the camera, she equally enjoys beings behind it as well… The following pics are some of her captures of her Mommy and Daddy’s wedding day.:)Come a few more years and she will be on my payroll- no doubt!:)



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Gabe N Kathy RocheDecember 6, 2013 - 1:28 AM

It truly was a beautiful wedding. So blessed to have been a part of it. Love this familia.

Karen Johnson O'DonnellDecember 7, 2013 - 12:55 AM

The pictures just captured the beautiful wedding that Neil and I were so happy to witness in person <3

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