Sarah & Stephen’s Wedding @ Tampa Bay Watch, Tierra Verde

Will it rain or will it won’t. Should you bring an umbrella or maybe don’t? (yeah, yeah, I know: I should be published for my amazing poetry skills, right?)

Sarah and Stephen’s wedding day was full of gorgeous skies, refreshing life giving rain and sunshine showers all day long. They chose Tampa Bay Watch as their wedding day venue because of their passion for the environment and all the wonderful ecological processes that go about making our home (Tampa Bay) so darn Awesome! With that said, it would only make sense that the environment didn’t hold back its wonderful majesty on their big day!  It rained off and on throughout the day, but always at the best moments when all their guests could  stand outside, on their huge wrap around deck area, and relish in the power and force of nature at its best… down pouring on the bay and giving liquid love to the ground.:)

Sarah is a science teacher at Chamberlain High School, here in Tampa, and Stephen is working hard to become a doctor.. so they made sure to incorporate their passions into their special day… In fact, their gifts for each other couldn’t have been better picked.. Sarah received a pair of silver Serotonin earrings (the molecule known for its awesome happiness inducing vibes) and Stephen received anatomical heart cufflinks. She put a huge amount of effort into her planning and making it as enviromentally friendly as possible.. The guest were given plantable paper favors, the center pieces were made (by the bride) from soil and grass and their wedding rings were completely Eco-friendly too! Needless to say, this wedding was one to remember and truly appreciate.

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KatieJuly 26, 2012 - 12:28 PM

WOW! I love these photos and this wedding. After reading and seeing this blog, I feel like I am friends with the bride and groom. I love all the hard work and detail that went into this wedding. I got the chills looking at the pictures (Is that weird? I swear I’m not a creeper!) Doesn’t look like the rain ruined a thing. Love it all!

jerdanJuly 30, 2012 - 8:18 PM

Thanks Katie! You are too funny. We appreciate your wonderful words of encouragement and love. They truly are one of the funnest, genuinely happiest couples we’ve had to photograph and it shines through in your pictures, huh? You aren’t a creeper, no worries. :) Rain was perfect and gave us super cool skies to capture too.

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