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Katie and Justin’s Wedding @ Hollis Gardens, Lakeland

‘Hi!!! Good Morning!! What is this bride doing on her wedding morning??? Ohhhh, just waiting for her magically, wonderfully, epically marvelous FB tag saying something super witty and awesome that describes our bridal/groomal magnificentness from our RADDDDDDD photographers at Jerdan Photography. No Biggie. Its totes norm!’ The above message was how my day began around…

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Lecelle & Ev’s Intimately Fun-TASTIC Wedding @ Hollis Gardens, Lakeland

First things first: I (Danielle) adore my clients. To put it plainly, it requires a very specific type of personality to understand me, to feel comfortable with me and to trust my utterly goofy ways will translate into such amazing moments captured for their eternity. Lecelle and Ev absolutely made Jerdan history! Never in all…

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