This is No Small Feet! Old Shoe Drive for Dando Amor

I, Danielle, am a hippie, tree-hugging, Jesus-loving, impulsive, creative, individual. I realize this, I do not deny any of these claims. I enjoy getting elbows deep into projects, causes and just good ole dirty work for the greater good! Before having babies, 4 years ago, Missions works was a huge priority on my long term agenda, since the kids I have fallen a couple steps back. My heart has never stopped burning though and I have been earnestly considering ways to allow my giftings on to the missions field once more. I found out about Dando Amor at a Photography workshop a few years ago and my interest was immediately peaked, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that my heart was really heavy to help. The organization is a collection of professional photographers committed to supporting the needy, specifically 2 orphanages in Ecuador and West Africa.

The entire month of March I will be collecting old, unwanted shoes for Dando Amor’s upcoming trips. These shoes can be in any shape, size, or condition. Babies feet all the way to Michael Jordan’s feet are needing shoes to keep their little piggies safe. American’s throw away over 680,000,000 shoes annually, while 1.5 billion people go with out a single pair of shoes to protect their feet from preventable parasitic disease and infection.

I am asking that any and all local business people, churches, little leagues or sports teams, organizations, schools to take up this challenge and make an impact for the greater good. If you would like to participate  let me know and I will send you a flyer like the one below. If I am able to organize and collect the most shoes, for this nationwide drive, I will have a the wonderful opportunity to personally go to Africa in June and deliver these shoes to these orphans in need. Will you help me?

At the end of the month, 3/30/13, we will be collecting one last time and bringing awareness to this huge need by walking one mile barefoot in the One Sole Mile @ the Hamner Tower Field from 10am-12pm. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that and also participating drop off locations. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and seeing my hearts desire!:)

Here are the current participating establishments:

Office Depot (Bradenton)

Focus 4 Beauty Career Center

Carrollwood Day School

First Baptist Academy

Fresh Threads Designer Consignment

Jumping Jeans Consignment

Kouture Kids

Rehab St.Pete

Relevant Church

Booker T. Washington Elementary

Shapes Total Fitness Locations: Temple Terrace, Brandon, Carrollwood, and South Tampa

Couture Boutique

Triage Consignment

Reruns 4 Litttle Ones

Labor of Love Birthing Center

***Many More Added Daily ***

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