Wedding Need to Know’s

Why be Rad?

RAD is a shortened term for ‘radical.’ By my, Danielle, own self-created definition (because I didn’t care for the definitions provided online- far too stiff for my liking) Radical is a description for a person, belief, action, or thing that challenges status quo and passionately creates something outside of the traditional stale bologna that the rest society buys into. RAD moments happens on purpose and with great planning and can also be spontaneous. RAD people know they are RAD and make a point to surround themselves with equally RAD friends and RAD places are just that- RAD! Are you catching on here? Or do I have to break down more for ya… We LOVE RAD’ness! Does this mean if you are lame and a ‘straight-lace’ we don’t love you?? HECK NO! We love you too, just maybe not quite as much- just joking… Jerdan Photography is an Equal Opportunity Love- Provider!:)

What is the Investment for such Wedded Rad’ness?

Wedding Coverage starts at 2495. We offer Packages and A la Carte Options as well and would love to chat with you more about your specific wants and desires for your wedding day coverage… So Holler Back Youngin’!

What is included in your wedding coverage?

All Wedding Coverage Includes: Jerry’s amazing Cougar/Crazy Aunt Bea/Grandma Attention Grabbing Good LOOKS! and Danielle’s Awesome Dance Moves at your reception- Oh and LOTS of RAD Photography skills!

Here is a more thorough answer: All Wedding Coverage includes: 2 rad Photogs, a fun/candid/photojournalistic approach to your wedding day, an online purchasing gallery for family and friends, flash drive of your images (around 400-700) and unlimited communication with yours truly, Danielle.

I am ready to be your friend, I mean book your Rad Photo Services- How do I get this ball rolling?

YAY!!! How exciting! Welp- Its super easy- go to the ‘Book Us’ tab on the Menu button and fill out the information, OR call us directly at 813-368-6033. We will schedule a good time to chat over coffee, on the phone or on Skype/Facetime and I, Danielle, will your Wedding Brain and ask you all of the dirty secrets to your wedding day planning and all the juicy deats to how you and your mister met, what you like to do and so on. Once you are ready to book, we will send you an electonic contract to fill out and require a 50% Non-Refundable Retainer to book the date. We require the remaining balance at least 30 days before your wedding day.

When should we expect to see our wedding photos?

Our expectation for processing a wedding gallery is 10 weeks. Once the  images are completed, Danielle will give you instructions on  accessing your online gallery for all of your friends and family too ogle over  and purchase prints to their hearts content and then once the album is designed, approved and printed… we will either hand deliver OR mail your album and flash drive of images.


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